3 Gastropub-Inspired Recipes For Your Next Gathering

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3 Gastropub-Inspired Recipes For Your Next Gathering

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We’ve been inspired by the Pubbelly Boys and the opening of their restaurant L’echon Brasserie here at Hilton Cabana Miami Beach. With four gastropub restaurants in Miami Beach, the Pubbelly Boys have revitalized the concept of dining at a gastropub, finding a way to perfectly incorporate fine dining while creating a shareable menu that’s desirable.

Inspiration from the Pubbelly Boys has taken hold, and we’re sharing some of our favorite and most creative gastropub recipes. After you’ve successfully created your own gastropub-style meal, head over to L’echon Brasserie to see how the Pubbelly Boys do it—and do it well!


Lasagna cupcakes are a classic dish with a twist. Though many have had the classic Italian dish, lasagna is rarely served as a cupcake. These lasagna cupcakes have classic elements of lasagna—meat, cheese, and pasta (or Wonton wrappers, to be exact)—but all stuffed into a lovely single serving. Have one… or two or three! Head over to The Girl Who Ate Everything for the full recipe.


These crab cake sliders featured in O, The Oprah Magazine served with spicy mayo promise to be a crowd pleaser. The seven-step recipe is simple and does not require much time and effort to prepare. The next time you are hosting a gathering, you’ll want to give these sliders a try.


These Pork Medallions topped with Blackberry Chutney won’t even set you back an hour in the kitchen. Incredibly flavorful and great for sharing at your next gathering, these come highly recommended by the queen of the kitchen herself, Martha Stewart.

When the night comes to an end, you just might have an incredibly difficult time getting your guests to leave with these awesome gastropub-inspired recipes. We’re sure the Pubbelly Boys know the feeling.


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