5 Fun Beach Games for the Kids

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5 Fun Beach Games for the Kids

Lounging on the never-crowded stretch of beach in Hilton Cabana’s backyard, it’s easy to daze out and lose all sense of worry or need for entertainment, if you’re a grown up, that is. Kids usually require a little more activity during these oh so leisurely days out in the Miami Beach sun. Here are five fun beach games that will keep the little ones active and the adults entertained on the  sand this summer.

Pro Kadima

A simple engagement consisting of two wooden paddles and a rubber ball, there’s something inherently beachy and addicting in Pro Kadima. While away an afternoon diving in the sand, volleying back and forth trying to last longer than before.

Whiffle Ball

You can’t get more classic backyard than a good old game of wiffle ball. Pick up a set for under ten dollars at any mini mart or convenience store and play ball!


Take two bowed plastic sticks and put them inside of a light plastic ring. Pull the sticks apart, sending the ring into the air towards your partner who tries to catch it with one of his or her own sticks. A unique game of catch that’s oddly addictive, Ringstix is a great beach game for kids.

Fly a Kite

Okay, so maybe flying a kite isn’t a game per se, but it is one the coolest things to do on the beach with kids. Here’s a tip: challenge your young ones to keep it in the air as long as possible. While they have fun trying to break their own records, you can kick back in the sand and vacation.

Frisbee Golf

Tossing a disc back and forth is a great beach activity in itself.. But you can add a little bit of exciting competition into the mix by setting up your own makeshift frisbee golf course along the beach. It’s an entertaining way to keep the kids active and get a good beach walk in.

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