5 Reasons Why Miami Beach Thanksgiving Wins

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Happy friends cheering up at Thanksgiving party outdoors

There’s just something better about celebrating an autumnal harvest holiday in the sun and the sand. Here are five reasons why Thanksgiving in Miami Beach wins.

The Weather

While New England and other cold-weather regions feel like romantic Thanksgiving destinations, the cold is just brutal. When celebrating with the family, it’s nice to be able to step outside and not shiver immediately. While it’s a no-brainer throughout the year, warm and sunny holidays are still a selling point.

The Calmest Weekend All Fall

Once the rest of the country begins to cool down, people flock to Miami Beach. Luckily, during a long Thanksgiving weekend, the crowd always calms. Enjoy all of paradise without any noise or distractions by taking the family down here this holiday.

There’s something for Everyone in the Family

Thanksgiving is historically a family holiday, and here in Miami Beach there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Your little fashionista can explore the shops at the Lincoln Road Mall, sports lovers can check out a Dolphins game or try their hands at jetskiing, and excited little kids can run around the beach or our pool until they’re nice and hungry for some turkey.

We Have Variety

Restaurants in Miami Beach offering Thanksgiving dinners range from classic American joints to vibrant international spots. For some traditional grub with turkey, mashed potatoes and the whole nine yards, give BLT Steak Miami a shot. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, dip into the local Cuban scene with a holiday at Havana 1957.

We Have the Beach

This is a selling point everyday of the year, but especially on Thanksgiving. Can you imagine a better way to build up an appetite than lounging in the sun and taking the occasional ocean dip for a whole day leading up to your holiday feast? This year’s family pickup football doesn’t need to be knee-deep in the snow, instead it can be ankle-high in the warm shores of the Atlantic Ocean.


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