Best Places to Drive Your Convertible in Miami Beach

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Best Places to Drive Your Convertible in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is one of the few places in the United States where it’s actually enjoyable to drive around with the top down. With water on both sides of this unique section of Miami, and the hot tropical sun beating down on the black roads throughout the year, driving and putting your hair in the wind are inexplicably enjoyable in Miami Beach.

So now that you’ve got your wheels and the top down, where to go? Here are a few of our favorite places in Miami Beach to take your convertible out for a spin.

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In
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Nostalgia is always cool. The Blue Starlite mini urban drive-in is the first of its kind, offering classic drive-in movie experience in an exclusive urban setting. Today, visitors and locals of Miami, Florida have the radical pleasure of enjoying a timeless American tradition that has been lost in mainstream entertainment for several decades.

Now, if you roll into the Blue Starlite with a nice convertible, then you’ve got it made. All the luxuries of cushy car seats, the wonder of an outdoor screen and a drive-in theatre, and the open air keeping each breath fresh as can be.

Mokai Lounge
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If you’d like to explore the status that your convertible speaks to the world, then you ought to take it out to one of Miami Beach’s several upscale nightclubs. The Mokai Lounge is a great place to start. With upwards of eighteen VIP seating areas and a colorful, contemporary atmosphere, it doesn’t get much sweeter than Mokai.

Get done up in your freshest duds, find some fun company and roll in and out of Mokai Lounge in style. And don’t forget to tip the valet for taking care of your sweet ride!


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