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woman running on beach with exercise clothing

Flanked by water on all sides, Miami Beach makes a great place for running or any other type of outdoor cardio. Thankfully, the city has done a good job setting up paths and park trails designated for pedestrians with some of the most expansive views in the city. Here are a few of the best places to run in Miami Beach:


The best place to run is undoubtedly the beach. Ditch the Nikes, and feel the sand under your feet.  You will have an unbelievable view whether you head  north or south. Running on the beach is an especially good option because it is much easier on all of your joints than running on pavement. In addition, you’ll get a bit of an extra workout because running on the soft surface activates different muscles throughout the body, like the abs, which are not normally used as much while running. And when you get back to the Hilton Cabana you can walk straight into the pool (or ocean) to cool off!


Understandably, many people want the beach to be a place for relaxing and relaxing only, and the increased intensity of running on sand  may be too much for some. In that case, you can run along Atlantic Way, which is a concrete brick path (also hard packed sand in many areas) that runs right along the ocean and goes past the Hilton Cabana. If you go south to the end of the trail and back, it is a nice, short 1.5 mile run.  Heading north, the trail goes all the way to the end of the island which is 7.5 miles there and back. On this route you will pass sand dunes and water to the east and some of Miami’s nicest hotels like the Hilton Cabana.


Located just 1.2 miles north of the Hilton Cabana, this rare tropical forest provides a change of scenery from the sand, the sea, and the buildings of Miami Beach. The canopies of the large sea grape trees will protect you from the sun as weave through the curvy, sandy trails. This park is practically a hidden treasure, so take a minute to meditate or relax without the incessant chattering of people around. You can take the Atlantic Way path to get there, and it’s a perfect 4 mile run to the end of the park and back to the hotel.


Walk out of the front of the Hilton Cabana, cross the street, and head south along Collins Avenue to experience the Indian Creek. Indian creek is the little waterway that separates the main island of Miami Beach from the tiny island (Biscayne Point) just across the water. On this run, you will get a view of some of Miami Beach’s most posh homes and their mega yachts sitting on the docks outside. It’s about 2.7 miles to the 41st street bridge.

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