Hook, Wind & Sailor: Water Sports in Miami Beach

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Hook, Wind & Sailor: Water Sports in Miami Beach

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With all that Atlantic oceanfront right at your doorstep and the heat of the Miami sun bearing down, there’s only one place to be in this beautiful city: in the water. Aside from splashing around in the waves and looking good in a swimsuit, here are some water sports in Miami Beach that will keep you cool all day long.


Take in the gorgeous ocean views and incomparable skyline of the Miami Beach stretch from up to 1,000 ft above the ocean. With single and tandem flights, this can be a serene escape or an exciting adventure to share with a loved one. Up in the air, the wind will pass through your toes as they dangle in the open sky.

Jet Ski Rentals

Down on the water, you can also feel the wind in your face as you whip around on a jet ski. Easy to manage, jet skiing can offer a fun free time on the open water, or an adventurous journey with a guided tour.

Paddleboarding and Windsurfing

For those trying to get on their feet and coast along the lively ocean surface, both windsurfing and paddleboarding make for accessible and fun water sport activities. Paddleboarding offers a mellow and unique way to move about the water. There are also unique opportunities, such as Yoga classes on paddleboards. Windsurfing is an exciting way to let natural forces guide you to high speeds and exciting runs.

There are a plethora of businesses offering these sports in and around Miami Beach. One of the most accommodating and most respected is Miami Beach Ocean Water Sports. Some other great options include Water Sports Miami Beach and Water Sports- Paradise.


Taking a charter-fishing trip is one of the most enjoyable and geographically exclusive water sports in Miami Beach. Take advantage of the great fish and great times that a day out on a boat can offer. Perfect for couples, families and groups of friends, this can serve as a relaxing day on the open-ocean, or a secluded drinking and eating party. The Reward Fleet and Top Gun Fishing Charters offer some of the most accommodating services in Miami Beach. Their selection includes daily trips, specialty trips, bachelor parties, corporate charters and more.

So no matter how you want to enjoy the water, with this variety, it’s safe to say that Miami Beach can accommodate your taste!


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