Keep Calm and love the Miami Heat

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Keep Calm and love the Miami Heat

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It was the letter heard around the world: “I’m Coming Home,” by Lebron James. After infamously leaving his hometown team of The Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010, Lebron joined us here in Miami as a member of the Miami Heat. After four years and two NBA Championships, Lebron James decided it was time for him to take his talents back to his hometown. Though we were sad to see King James leave the Miami Heat, we still love our team and here’s why you should too.

Miami is Proud!



With or without Lebron James, we’re still proud of our team, and we’re not afraid to show a little team pride. With the 2014-2015 season quickly approaching, we will be watching as our new team hits the court and takes on a season full of possibilities.

Fresh faces for the new season


Fresh off of the heels of a decorated career in men’s college basketball at UConn, Shabazz Napier will play his rookie year on the Miami Heat. While he’s still adjusting to playing in the big leagues, we’ve got our eye on this young rookie. Other great additions to the team include Shannon Brown, Danny Granger, and Loul Deng.

The Miami Heat still has a great roster


If we said we wouldn’t notice the lack of Lebron James’ presence on our team, we’d be fooling ourselves. However, the Miami Heat still has an impressive roster for the upcoming season. The team is in a unique position this year, as everyone is watching closely as they rebuild their team.

Assistant coach David Fizdale summed up the new Miami Heat team and Lebron’s absence saying, “How do you plug the biggest hole ever? How do you fill that crater? If the Spurs showed us anything in the finals, you fill it with teamwork and strategy and system and culture.”  We can’t wait to see what tricks these guys have up their sleeves, and even if it takes some time to come together, just know your fans are here to support the team along the way.

Let the new season begin!


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