It’s a LeBron vs. Miami Christmas: Anything Can Happen

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It’s a LeBron vs. Miami Christmas: Anything Can Happen

Miami Heat fans — along with anybody who happens to be in Miami for the holidays — will get a special and somewhat awkward holiday present this year: LeBron James.

After playing four seasons right here in Miami, winning a couple of championships and a few MVP awards along the way, the NBA superstar has returned to his roots as a Cleveland Cavalier. Sooner or later, LeBron will have to return to Miami to face his former teammates on the Heat — a homecoming the NBA scheduled for Christmas Day 2014.

With this holiday reunion right around the corner, one question sits at the front of everyone’s mind: How will LeBron be received?

There are a few possibilities:

Jingle Boos
In the indulgent and emotional holiday state of mind, the impassioned American Airlines Arena crowd will tear into their former leader and hero. They will boo his face off in a communal and passionate showing of Miami pride and loyalty.

Welcome Ho-Ho-Home
The Heat faithful will take their hospitality up a notch, giving LeBron a standing ovation the moment he steps on the floor for warm-ups. After he makes his first shot, the fans in the stands will rise and chant his name as a way of saying “thank you” for his four successful seasons on South Beach.

Merry Christmas LeBron, But This is Still Our House
This is the most likely scenario. Miami Heat fans will pay their respects to LeBron, welcoming him back to American Airlines Arena with a round of warm applause. The second the ref throws the ball up at tip-off, however, Mr. James will be nothing more than an opponent, and the spirit of competition will fuel the Arena as per usual. LeBron is more than welcome to join Miami for Christmas, but in this house, We Cheer for the Heat!

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