Miami Art Beyond Basel: Best Blogs to Follow

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Miami Art Beyond Basel: Best Blogs to Follow

Art Basel comes to Miami Beach for a few days each year, but its influence on the art community here is felt year-round. With a finely cultivated art scene in Miami Beach and an array of events occurring around the calendar, it can be difficult to keep up with it all.

Luckily for us, these blogs keep us in the know when it comes to art in Miami Beach — all year long.

Miami Art Scene, Miami’s No.1 Art Blog

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Miami Art Scene is a great resource for everything and everything related to art here in Miami and the global community. The blog focuses on the latest art news, art venues, creative entities, highlights artists, and makes sure they are at the biggest and best art events in Miami. The Miami Art Scene blog looks to the future as a sort of “artcaster” for the community. Follow Miami Art Scene into the future!

Miami New Times – Arts section

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A source for music, entertainment, food, news, and art in Miami, Miami New Times shares the top Miami art news on a daily basis. The blog focuses on more than just the latest gallery openings, and extends to many different facets of art. Miami New Times is a great and well-rounded resource for the art community in Miami.

Miami Art Exchange – Art News

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Miami Art Exchange is a great resource of information. Take a look back on the art community and its development throughout the years, as the blog has more than 12 years worth of articles, interviews, commentary and guest writers on the blog. If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of art, Miami Art Exchange certainly offers a knowledgeable commentary.


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