Pubbelly Plates: Octopus a la Plancha at Pubbelly

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Pubbelly Plates: Octopus a la Plancha at Pubbelly

L’echon Brasserie, Hilton Cabana’s onsite restaurant, is operated by Miami’s most prolific restaurant group — the Pubbelly Boys. We recently checked out Pubbelly, the team’s flagship restaurant, and sampled a smorgasbord of dishes. The Pubbelly menu consists of small dishes infused with a wide range of cultural influences. Delivering exquisite flavor and outside-the-box creativity across its menu, Pubbelly’s plates speak volumes about the restaurant group’s prestige across South Florida.

The subject of this edition of Pubbelly Plates series is the dynamic, textural, and delicious Octopus a la Plancha.


For those unfamiliar with octopus as a dish, it is a sweet and chewy bit of seafood that speaks to those who enjoy calamari, clams, or fish. The octopus in this dish sits atop a bonito pomme puree, making for a rich and creamy dipping sauce. The red and green specks surrounding the plate are piquillo peppers, bringing a tangy flavor to an already progressive dish alongside lentil vinaigrette. Finally, the last bite carries hints of Yuzu, a bold Chinese citrus fruit.

The combination of flavors and ingredients that come together in Pubbelly’s octopus plate exemplifies the vision and creativity of the brand as a whole. We’re excited to sample another dish to profile on the next edition of Pubbelly Plates.


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