The Pubbelly Boys Melting Pot

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The Pubbelly Boys Melting Pot

Three men from different parts of the world, all from varying culinary traditions, and all of whom were classically trained in different walks of the food and beverage industry, met in Miami and created something special. The Pubbelly Boys successfully run four individualistic and conceptually original restaurants in Miami Beach. Their shared story and separate personal backgrounds are what set the eclectic stage for their expansive endeavors to flourish.

Pubbelly’s founding partner and design director, Sergio Navarro, hails from Spain. His culinary roots stem from cooking with his mother in the Basque Country, which straddles the border of Spain and France. Coming from this culinarily progressive part of the world, Navarro was groomed for a life in the restaurant world. After cultivating his skills in Spain, Navarro came to Miami to help open a new edition of La Broche, a restaurant he worked at in Spain that earned two Michelin Stars. Navarro went on to cook at a few more renowned Miami restaurants—Mundo, Nobu, and Sushisamba—ultimately leading him to a Mexican establishment entitled Mercadito, which is where he met Jose Mendin.

Currently Pubbelly’s founding partner and culinary director, Mendin was born and raised in Puerto Rico. His culinary career began at Johnson and Wales University’s campus in Miami. From there, Mendin went to work at Nobu in Miami as a line cook. Later on Mendin was sent to work at Nobu London where he began to combine his knowledge of Asian flavors with European techniques. Mendin went on to hone his style further at several other restaurants in Spain before returning to Miami where he met Navarro.

Navarro and Mendin’s friendship, along with their highly distinguished careers, made them the perfect founding partners for a local restaurateur named Andreas Schreiner. Growing up working in his father’s restaurant in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Schreiner went on to work in several different pockets of the food and beverage industry. He’s maintained several different management and director positions around Miami, Costa Rica, the Bahamas and Chicago over the years. When Schreiner met the other Pubbelly Boys, he was ready to take his experience and expertise to something new that the three of them could own.

Navarro, Mendin, and Schreiner devoted all of their savings and time into opening an Asian-inspired gastropub called Pubbelly. The restaurant garnered major attention and prestige in the Miami Beach area and its success gave the boys freedom to open up more restaurants. The original Pubbelly, Pubbelly Sushi, PB Steak and Hilton Cabana’s French restaurant L’echon Brasserie compose  the team’s current collection of eateries. The dynamic face of the Pubbelly brand in addition to each establishment’s international influences are a product of the founding members’ melting pot backgrounds and incomparable ambition.


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