Wild Times at Miami’s Columbus Day Regatta

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Wild Times at Miami’s Columbus Day Regatta

Image source: Florida Yacht Group 

One of Miami’s favorite and most fun sailing traditions is returning to the oceanfront city this October. The annual Columbus Day Regatta consists of hundreds of yachts sailing in the beloved Biscayne Bay. One of the most festive and outlandish events of its kind, prospective attendees can count on an unbeatable time at this year’s regatta.

Columbus Day in Miami redefines the concept of a regatta. A classy sport classically reserved for seasoned sailors, this event turns away from the straight-laced side of things and uses the tradition as an aid towards one of the largest and most talked about floating parties in the world. The race itself is still a central element to the Regatta and an incredible spectacle for those athletically interested spectators. However, the competition isn’t exactly what the event is known for.

Hundreds of boats congregate at the race’s “Finishing Line” for a two-day series of dancing, drinking and fun celebrations. The fun takes all sorts of wild twists and turns that include floats, water guns and the freedom to enjoy the regatta with or without clothes. This is a place where normal rules and regulations do not apply. People travel from all over to take part in this extravaganza.  Compared to the likes of Mardi gras and Carnival, the Columbus Day Regatta may very well take you to places you’ve never been before.

Set aside from the land, this is an annual place where people thrive on losing their everyday selves and escaping into a state of pure euphoria and enjoyment. The Columbus Day Regatta is a staple amongst elite socialites and everything fun in Miami. To find out what all the hype is about, check out this Bacardi-sponsored event this coming October 11 and 12.


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