Bass Museum Miami Beach

Art Museum in Miami Beach: Bass Museum Miami Beach

The most acclaimed art museum in Miami Beach is the Bass, located in the heart of the city — just minutes from Hilton Cabana Miami Beach.

The Bass is known for many things, including its beautifully manicured grounds, its world-class permanent collection, and its forward-thinking approach to exhibitions. Hilton Cabana’s famous neighbor has hosted a diverse array of exhibitions in recent months, including the unforgettable physical artwork of El Anatsui, the bold and brash “Gold” exhibition, and Mat Collishaw’s notable new media collection.

The Bass Museum’s permanent collection doubles as its “Art History Lab,” creating cross-era visual and thematic relationships for visitors to dive into in-depth. If you’re looking for world-class art in unexpected locations around the city, check out the Bass Museum’s “Temporary Contemporary” program, bringing sculpture, murals, sound installations and more to locations around Miami Beach.

Bass Museum Miami Beach

2100 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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