Miami Beach Itineraries

Things to do in Miami Beach

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Hilton Cabana takes its concierge to the next level, offering an extensive knowledge of the neighborhood along with thoughtfully constructed Miami Beach itineraries. We provide helpful insights and suggestions for what to in Miami Beach. Whether you’re visiting on business or embarking on an intimate tropical getaway, or a fun in the sun vacation with the family, we can help you make the most out of your stay.

When gathering knowledge for our Miami Beach itineraries, Hilton Cabana takes close personal looks at attractions throughout the surrounding area. Cabana’s long, referential list of local restaurants covers the wonderful variety and high level of excellence throughout Miami’s culinary scene. Considering the world-class beaches surrounding the hotel and throughout the neighborhood, Cabana knows the different oceanside spots for family fun, or a great party, or exciting water sports. Spanning from golf to architecture to nightlife, we know what’s fun and interesting in Miami Beach.

Drawing from our collection of information on all that the surrounding areas have to offer, Hilton Cabana looks to the specific nature of different guests’ visits when building out Miami Beach itineraries. A family of five, for example, is likely to have different interests than a traveling bachelor party, or a young couple. Cabana’s Miami Beach travel guides personalize suggestions while making sure to open doors to great experiences that our guests may not have otherwise considered.

The goal of creating Miami Beach itineraries is to maximize the potential for an enriching and enjoyable visit for each of our guests. The Hilton Cabana hotel property has everything our guests need to be comfortable and happy. Unlike many other hotels, we consider the broad scope of a Miami Beach vacation and strive to accommodate all of our guests to the fullest extent possible.


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