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With its easy access to the ocean and consistently sunny skies, Miami often provides ideal conditions for a wide variety of sports. From fun activities out on the water to some of the best golfing in the world, and a few great local teams, there are several ways to delight in Miami sports within minutes of Hilton Cabana Miami Beach.

Sports Teams in Miami
Miami is home to three major professional sports teams, all of which have won world championships. The Miami Heat have won three NBA championships in the new millenium and currently boast star power in Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. The Dolphins (football) and Marlins (baseball) are both well-known for hosting fun, energetic home games and being consistently competitive.

With so much to enjoy on the professional side of Miami sports, visitors can’t forget the local NCAA teams, including the University of Miami’s storied football and baseball programs. Check out whatever team is in season during your stay at Hilton Cabana Miami Beach for a guaranteed great time.

Golf in Miami
The entire state of Florida is revered around the world for its scenic golf courses — and a bunch of them are located here in Miami Beach. Check out our own list of the best Miami Beach golf courses for an insider’s look into opportunities to hit the links. Arguably the most popular of all Miami sports activities, golf provides an opportunity to enjoy Miami’s legendarily great weather while staying active.

Miami Water Sports
While enjoying Hilton Cabana’s beautiful neighborhood, you need to try out some Miami water sports. Take it easy on a sailboat or kayak, cruise at high speeds on a jet ski, fly above the city with some parasailing or get into some futuristic, jetpack-aided fun with flyboarding. One of the most dynamic and enjoyable pockets of the Miami sports world, playing around out on the water is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Break a sweat and play some games with family and friends at one of Miami Beach’s many public parks. At nearby Flamingo Park, for example, you can enjoy swimming pools, basketball courts, football and baseball fields and more! For those who want to do Miami sports their way, there’s plenty of opportunity within walking distance of Hilton Cabana Miami Beach.


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