Music and Art in Miami Beach

An incredible architectural scene, some world class fashion and an amazing international community all help to create some incredible music and art in Miami Beach. In an effort to help guide visitors through all of the variety and splendor, we’ve broken down some of the best ways to enjoy Miami culture.


Miami Beach is full of amazing nightclubs and bars. Each of these institutions can be counted on for some nights filled with good tunes and dancing. With venues playing Latino, Hip-Hop, EDM, Jazz and more, there are plenty of musical options for those visiting Miami Beach. Enjoy DJ’s, live musicians and the creative minds these scenes attract for your foot in the door too the world of music and art in Miami Beach.


Music and art in Miami Beach come from independent and commercial distributors. Get a taste of Miami’s eclectic art scene by visiting one of the many galleries and art museums around. Another great way to experience Miami art and culture is to take a walk down the street and explore Miami Beach’s famous art-deco architectural themes.


The people of Miami Beach truly inspire the music and art scene. In order to find all the wonder Miami culture has to offer, one must look at the city’s rich international diversity and modern, chic social scenes. Music and art in Miami beach work to combine several mediums while maintaining Miami culture with a one of a kind flair.



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