Things to Do in Miami Beach

Things to do in Miami Beach

A tropical wonder with gorgeous beaches and multi-coast, ocean access, along with an astoundingly eclectic culture make for an endless selection of great things to do in Miami Beach. To help ease the search, we’ve decided to break up all of Miami Beach’s wonderful variety into some helpful jumping off points.

Beach Fun

Take to the warm Floridian sand during your stay at Hilton Cabana. Boasting year round warmth and a strong, tropical sun, you can never go wrong by simply sitting by the water. For those more adventurous, some of the best things to do in Miami beach include watersport rentals and guided excursions. Whether the answer is the tranquil coast of a paddleboard or the loud rev of a jet ski, you can find what you’re looking for on our beaches.


Wherever your search begins, or ends, you can count on eating to be one of your favorite things to do in Miami Beach. The neighborhood is famous for some delicious, upscale dining experiences. Bringing authenticity and passion, Miami’s strong Cuban community adds a Caribbean flair to the culinary scene that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. The nearby ocean and strong fishing culture surrounding the city also creates a wealth of delicious seafood options.

In addition to these local advantages, Miami Beach hosts a dynamic cultural scene that’s inviting to all walks of international food. Hilton Cabana’s own L’echon Brasserie is considered one of the top French restaurants in the United States.


When looking for things to do in Miami Beach, taking a simple walk through the streets can highlight the various modern and art-deco influences, which truly distinguish this town. An attractive, artistic face holds a wealth of diverse and exciting cultural attractions in Miami Beach. From art museums to golf courses, there are a wealth of options for all different interests and passions. Stemming from international, historical and youthful influences, there’s a breadth of culturally enriched and enriching things to do in Miami Beach.


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